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Lessons are taught by David Loeb, who shares his expertise with thousands of players across the country as a commentator for The Common Game's Monday afternoon game.  Lessons to help you improve and have more fun at the bridge tables are available as follows:

  • Lessons for Beginners and Newcomers:
    • Mondays at 5:45 pm in the library of the Ventura Country Club
      January 16th thru April 3rd.  Click on the image to the right to enroll or call us at 407 314-3094 to reserve your spot.
  • Free lessons:
    • After all games:  Join us at the neighboring 19th Hole Restaurant to discsuss the learning points from the hands with an expert
    • Tuesday mornings:  4 minute bridge tip is provided after the 3rd round of our Tuesday morning game
    • Wednesday nights:  30 minute lesson on team game strategy following our Wednesday night IMP game.
    • Fridays at 11:30:  30 minute lesson before our noon game.
  • Book a private online lesson or an in-person lesson at the LoebBridge store
  • Book a private in-person lesson at the LoebBridge store
  • Click here for video lessons on demand.  
  • Visit for bridge articles and videos.

Click here to see our Lessons List.